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Insight Specialists Who Understand Sport


High quality market insight is essential to those seeking to grow participation in their sport, to developing greater interest in following and attending their tournaments and to attracting sponsorship endorsement.

Sport MR is a consultancy established by 2 market research specialists, Michael Stone and Jack Murray. We both have many years’ experience providing insight at a senior level in the sport industry.

We believe it is essential that market research in sport is conducted with methodological rigour by market research professionals. At Sport MR, sound research methodology is aligned with extensive sports consultancy knowledge and experience.

We love working in sport and have a deep understanding of how best in class insight can provide momentum to sporting properties, their sponsor partners and media touchpoints. In addition our research can help guide agency campaigns to maximise impact and cut through.

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Through our network of partners and associates we are able to bring you a range of services and expertise complementary to our own. We are pleased to partner with the following organisations:

PDS logoPopulus Data Solutions
The aim of Populus Data Solutions is to provide state of the art data capture and delivery solutions yet remain true to the ethos of robust survey research.

Working with Populus Data Solutions means that Sport MR can provide you with user friendly data delivery designed for different types of user.

CreateConvo logoCreate Convo
Create Convo collaborates with Sport MR in opinion and data gathering and in offering marketing expertise to clients.

At the forefront of the use of online and video technology to record opinion, our partnership with Create Convo enables us to offer our clients the latest technology in capturing consumers reactions to experiences and concepts and reporting them quickly and creatively.

Roberts Sports logoRoberts Sports
Paul Roberts has worked extensively in the sports sector, working in both public and private sectors in developing strategies to persuade more people to engage with sport. Paul's experience in this area, when allied to our research and consultancy skills, enables us to offer a 'one stop shop' in identifying, establishing and developing customer-led growth strategies for sports organisations.

Additionally, Paul's sports photography business enables the creation of relevant and authentic visual marketing campaigns that can engage and influence their target audiences.


Jack Murray
A market research specialist with nearly 30 years experience, Jack has worked in sport market research for the last 8 years. In that time he has delivered insight to leading sports properties and sponsor partners in football, rugby, cricket, golf, motor sport, winter sports, horse racing and tennis.

His particular areas of interest lie in establishing the brand equity of a sports property to inform commercial discussions with existing and potential partners or to help sponsors measure the impact of an existing or potential partnership with a sports property.

He has developed a range of segmentation models based on attitudinal and behavioural data to drive engagement strategies for fan bases. Again this has helped sports organisations to fine tune their marketing and also provided sponsors with a means of targeting their activations more effectively.

"Marketing insight for sport has come on in leaps and bounds in the last 10 years but still has some way to go to catch up with other industries where most key marketing decisions rely on good quality market insight. Michael and I are well placed to close the gap as we have lived in the wider research world and brought with us techniques and practices which we believe are essential as a means of providing insight for sport."


Michael Stone
Michael has employed both quantitative and qualitative research methods throughout his 30 year career in the market research industry, and has a proven track record in business consultancy.

His extensive work in the sport industry has included economic impact studies, fan and potential fan segmentation, research among key event stakeholders and evaluation of the potential for growth in participation in sport seeking the views of participants and non-participants, brands, healthcare professionals, teachers, local authorities, media, coaches and participants in a range of sport and leisure activities.

Michael has a genuine passion for research having seen what it can achieve when conducted robustly and delivered by people with creativity and insight.

"I have created this business with Jack because I know that professionally conducted, methodologically sound market research can make a big difference to the sport industry, an industry that I am passionately committed to."