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Insight Specialists Who Understand Sport


High quality market insight is essential to those seeking to grow participation in their sport, to developing greater interest in following and attending their tournaments and to attracting sponsorship endorsement.

Sport MR is a consultancy established by 2 market research specialists, Michael Stone and Jack Murray. We both have many years’ experience providing insight at a senior level in the sport industry.

We believe it is essential that market research in sport is conducted with methodological rigour by market research professionals. At Sport MR, sound research methodology is aligned with extensive sports consultancy knowledge and experience.

We love working in sport and have a deep understanding of how best in class insight can provide momentum to sporting properties, their sponsor partners and media touchpoints. In addition our research can help guide agency campaigns to maximise impact and cut through.

Crystal Palace fans


Through our network of partners and associates we are able to bring you a range of services and expertise complementary to our own. We are pleased to partner with the following organisations:

PDS logoPopulus Data Solutions
The aim of Populus Data Solutions is to provide state of the art data capture and delivery solutions yet remain true to the ethos of robust survey research.

Working with Populus Data Solutions means that Sport MR can provide you with user friendly data delivery designed for different types of user.

my customer lens MyCustomerLens
MyCustomerLens is the real-time customer insight platform that turns customer feedback into business intelligence. We enable our clients to reach, engage and retain more customers by making faster and more informed decisions about how to improve sales effectiveness, eliminate the root cause of complaints and increase retention.

To do so we
  • automate the process of collecting social media discussions, online reviews and other customer feedback.
  • use bespoke machine learning algorithms to quickly turn raw text data into shared actionable insights.
  • offer browser-based dashboards ensure your customer facing staff and decision-makers are using the latest information.
We developed our Hearts & Minds programme alongside MyCustomerLens, which is an integral partner in our plan to provide the insight which drives the physical activity agenda.


Jack Murray

A market research specialist with over 30 years' experience, Jack has specialised in providing insight in sport since 2008. In that time, he has worked with leading sports properties and sponsor partners in football, rugby, cricket, golf, cycling, motor sport, winter sports, equestrianism, horse racing, table tennis, tennis, baseball and American football.

His particular areas of expertise lie in establishing the brand equity of a sports property to inform commercial discussions with existing and potential partners and to help sponsors measure the impact of an existing or potential partnership with a sports property. Jack has developed our approach to measuring the economic impact of hosting a major sport or entertainment event. Sport MR's solution has involved extensive liaison with Organising Committees and other stakeholders on what metrics to include. It incorporates solid robust research design and economic expertise to provide a comprehensive measure of the direct and indirect economic impact of an event on its host city. Our approach is affordable for events of all sizes and we work at the event or remotely if preferred.

Steeped in experience of helping sports organisations to plan, change or fine tune their marketing and providing sponsors with a means of targeting their activations more effectively, Jack's work is well known to major properties including UEFA, MLB, NFL, 6 Nations Rugby, the R&A, the ECB, the AELTC, the FEI, ITTF, FIS, the IOC, Manchester United, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, and to key sponsors such as Barclays, HSBC, Coca Cola, Sky, Guinness, Chevrolet, Le Col and Nissan.

"We have made great progress since we founded Sport MR back in 2016. In particular, I have been pleased with the international dimension which has been a significant proportion of our business and has involved conducting research across Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia.

The sports landscape has changed substantially in that short time and the need for insight and interpretation is growing. The research industry is also developing. I have met with many small businesses offering new and innovative ways of supporting our insight services from data capture, analysis and delivery. I am inspired by the flourishing entrepreneur spirit that is coming back into our industry and look forward to extending and improving our offer in cooperation with existing and future partners.

We are ideally positioned to conduct ad hoc research; we are nimble, flexible, can build our resource to meet the size of the task through our extensive network and bring in relevant experts when required. Things that larger research houses can struggle to do."


Michael Stone

Michael has employed both quantitative and qualitative research methods throughout his 30 year career in the market research industry and has a proven track record in sports business consultancy. Michael is a Consultancy Associate (Insight) to London Sport.

Michael has worked extensively in evaluating the barriers to participation in sport and physical activity, working with Sport England, both directly and on projects it has funded. He has worked particularly closely and with numerous National Governing Bodies including the Pony Club, England Athletics and in particular with England Golf, in evaluating its initiatives to broaden its appeal beyond its traditional 'male, pale and stale' image.

Michael is a highly respected qualitative researcher leading a series of ad hoc surveys among current, former and potential participants in a range of physical activities; followers of professional sport and (potential) buyers of products and services of brands and sponsors working in the sports arena. He is also vastly experienced in conducting workshops and in-depth interviews with sponsors, key stakeholders and opinion formers.

Michael has a genuine passion for research having seen what it can achieve when conducted robustly and delivered by people with creativity and insight.

"I am delighted with the impact Sport MR has had since Jack and I set it up. We have worked nationally and internationally with brands, sponsors, event organisers and National Governing Bodies. We are very proud of the feedback we have received and the impact we have had. Our success in winning the UK Active Annual Research Impact Award for "high quality research and analysis that will help inform the physical activity agenda" illustrates what we believed when we set up Sport MR, that there was a need in the sports industry for professionally conducted, methodologically sound market research. It is important to know and to love sport, of course, and we do. That alone is not enough, however. What we offer is years of professional market research experience. We look forward to continuing to bring this to the sports industry at home and abroad."